“Masta” Peter Sisomphou


“Masta” Peter has contributed to the success of many fighters since coming to Canada to teach and share his Muay Thai experience and expertise. Conrad Pla, Firas Zahabi, John “The Bull” Makdessi, Yves “Tiger” Jabouin, Alex Garcia, David “The Crow” Loiseau are only a few of the students that have come through “Masta”‘s vicious & effective striking protocals. His ability to get the most out of all of the athletes that he teaches, through an animalistic, intense approach has proven to be a recipe for success for all levels of fighters.

Unfortunately, in early April of this year, Peter suffered a heart attack that required immediate emergency quadruple bi pass surgery. His heart was functioning at 15% but thanks to the amazing doctors that treated him, and “Masta””s strong will and stubborn nature, he is well on his way to recovery, however will not be able to return to active coaching for quite some time. Many of the coaches & fighters have come together and donated their time & expertise in hopes to raise some funds to help Peter along the way with his living and medical expenses while he goes through this long rehabilitation process. Help give to someone so special who has spent the greater part of his life, giving to others.


Name: Peter Sisomphou

Birthday: Nevah born & Nevah  die

Gender: Mostly Male, Part Animal

Age: Unknown

Nickname : “Masta”

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Record: 1873 – 0, 1 NC

Hometown: Wherever he wants

Gym/ Association: Tristar Gym

Country: Universal

Promotion(s): Them All












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