Brian Rogers

Half of the proceeds will go to improving the technological resources at LEAP, the Ohio-based education center for emotionally and behaviorally-challenged youth that Brian used to teach at before leaving to pursue fighting full time. The other half will go to funding Brian’s training camp for his Bellator 78 bout on Friday, October 26 at the  Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

*In addition to the set reward earned for supporting him, Brian’s number one fan at 11:59 pm ET on the Sunday before his fight will receive an invitation to walk “The Predator” out to the cage for his Bellator 78 bout and will also be seated cageside for the fight.

** In addition to the set rewards earned for supporting him, Brian’s number two fan will also receive his autographed Bellator 78 banner.

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About Me

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Birthday: 2/15/1984

Weight: 185 lbs

Height: 5′ 11″

Nick Name: The Professional Predator

Record: 9 Wins 4 Losses

State: Ohio

City / Town: Independence

Country: United States

Association: Strong Style Fight Team

Belt(s): Brown belt in Isshin-ryū Karate

Favorite Musician(s): I can’t pick one. I listen to a mix of the (hip-hop) genre. Kanye West, Rick Ross, Lil’  Wayne, Meek Mill, Future, Wale,  Game, 2 Chainz, Drake, old school Outkast — I’m pretty much into any over the top, flamboyant hip hop, except niki Minaj. She’s terrible.

Favorite Movie:Step Brothers; I often watch it before my fights to relax, actually.

Why I Became a Fighter: I was always a three-sport athlete growing up and I did karate as kid. when I was done playing football in college, I was bored and wanted to actively compete in something. MMA fit the bill.

Why I Fight: I love competition and I always wanted to be professional athlete growing up. Originally, I wanted to be in the NFL, but that didn’t work out (laughing). So MMA is the next best thing that pays way less (laughing again).

My Most Important Fight: My most important win was my second pro win. I was 1-2 going into the fight in toledo ohio and I knocked him out with my first flying knee. It was big momentum swing and I won my next seven straight fights.

My Toughest Opponent: Honestly, I’d have to say myself. I’ve beaten myself in all of my fights. I made a mistake and my opponents capitalized. I’ve never taken a beating but I have been caught.

Why FundaFighter is a Good Thing: It’s an opportunity for the fans and supporters of fighters they like or respect to truly support them or a charity or cause that’s important to them. Most fighters don’t get pay-per-view percentages or ticket percentages from the fans, so in this situation the fans can actually really directly support the fighter.

In this case it’s both with me . The fans will receive legit prizes and potentially one on one conversations and chill time with the athlete of their choosing which is very unique also. Fund a fighter is the voice of the fans to the fighter.

(Ever wanted to walk a fighter to the cage? Now you can thanks to FundaFighter.)

(Brian with the Iceblock cooler that accompanies him to the cage for every fight.)

(“Predator” signature shirt by Intimidation Clothing.)

(B-Rog training with his Tru Assassin boxing gloves.)

(Intimidation Clothing signature shirt.)

(FundaFighter signature t-shirt.)