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MMA Futures – Represented by Jens Pulver, Tommy Ortiz, Nathan Rogers and Jake Kurtz


MMA Futures is a showcase for up and coming fighters at the grass-roots level. We are where young fighters begin to build their fan-base. We started this project because we love MMA and respect the dedication and commitment these young fighters have for the sport.

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Jordan Espinosa


After wrestling for four years in high school, just going to college and getting my degree wasn’t fulfilling. The need and desire to compete and to be the best at something drove me pursue to MMA. Now I fight to be the best and I am striving to make a career out of mixed martial arts.

Total Backers: 7

Nordine Taleb


Nordine is originally from France. He left France to live in Mexico for 3 years prior to coming to Montreal to train at Tristar gym.

Nordine est originaire de la France. Il a quitté la France pour vivre au Mexique pendant trois ans avant de venir à Montréal pour s’entrainer au gym Tristar.

Total Backers: 20

Wednesday Night Fights

Fund A Fighter presents Wednesday Night Fights. An event that features athletes that Fund a Fighter is proud to have showcased on their website.

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Alex Morgan


About Name: Alex Morgan Birthday: 05/14/91 Age: 22 years old Gender: Male Weight: 145 Lbs Height: 5’10″ Record: 1-1 City: Montreal State/Province: Quebec Country: Canada Gym/Association: Tristar

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Nathaniel Oses


I became a fighter to make a better life for my brother, sister and mother. If it wasn’t for martial arts, I may not have made it out of high school.

Total Backers: 14

Ian Perron


About Name: Ian Perron Birthday: 01/08/86 Age: 28 years old Gender: Male Weight: 170 Lbs Height: 6’2″ Record: 0-0 Pro debut City: Montreal State/Province: Quebec Country: Canada Gym/Association: Tristar  

Total Backers: 1

Nick Fitzgerald

image (2)

making my dad proud. He is terminally ill with cancer and now paralysed. He is 1st dan black belt in karate so fight to make him proud as he cannot take part in martial arts. Also want to give my family a better life, work hard to just about cover the bills but money is [...]

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Michael D`Aguiar


I fight now because it is my passion and dream, I have made huge strides in such a short time and I can not wait to take the next step with some backing. I am excited about the future.                                 [...]

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Jennifer Caroline Chareunvong

jennifer ccc 004

I became a fighter because it helped me rebuild my life when i was going through hard times of self doubt, low self esteem, and no idea what i wanted for my future. I was moving towards a path that didn’t feel right physically because i was over weight and did not feel like myself [...]

Total Backers: 4

Mike Newcomb

Mike 2

Dear WMMA & MMA Fans… Many of you already know , SUPER FAN, Mike Newcomb!. But for those of you who don’t , please let me introduce one of the most humble and yet unbelievable fans I have had the pleasure to meet in 13 years in this sport!!.             [...]

Total Backers: 15

Roma Pawelek


I started fighting by accident. I was training for a bodybuilding show in college when I met a philosophy professor/boxing coach in the gym. He invited me to his boxing club and from then on he became my first coach and life mentor. As Tyler Durden, the protagonist in the movie “Fight Club,” asks, “How [...]

Total Backers: 10

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